You are in the right place.

Have You been struggling to find your path here on Earth?

Or wondered why you were born at this time and a part of a certain generation?

We all have unique soul gifts but sometimes throughout our life, we forget what our soul’s purpose was.

Our higher self has a full understanding of this and with a team of spirit guides, your soul crafted your flow chart. Unlock the inner wisdom of that flowchart and find out what your purpose is here on the Earth. We need all hands on deck to help raise the vibration of the planet.

My work will help you uncover any blocks of resistance. Many things will conjure up doubt or fear in your life. One of them is relationship issues with family members. A reading will unlock those triggers.

Your light beings, spirit guides, and angels will transform those issues allowing you to send the negative energy back from where it came modeling right energy so you can be, do, and create here on the Earth.

Learn how to ground yourself, adjust your chakras, and allow your higher self to take over and do this work for you.

Gail Serna

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