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Gail Serna - Psychic MediumI was the youngest in my family. By the time I was born my parents were already having problems and I grew up around a lot of tension and anxiety. Adding to the anxiety (although we were raised Jewish) we had no belief in god.

I always felt like I was an outcast in my family.  Although I knew my mother loved me (since she told me often and was my rock) my father was a different story. He and I were not very close and dad was not there for much of my youth. Unfortunately, he didn’t help to instill confidence in my life.

Fast forward to my late 20’s, my dad committed suicide. This was a defining moment in my life. It was right around this time that I became interested in spirituality.  I had a childhood friend who referred me to a Spiritual Counselor. This Spiritual Reading was life-changing on a physical and emotional level. I heard a message from my dad and based on the information or evidence channeled I knew my dad’s soul was present. From an emotional standpoint, this one message brought me so much peace and helped me to heal myself. On a physical level, I felt the energy that was trapped in my back escape. I stood up straighter and felt lighter.

As a next step, I sought out a meditation group and developed my own practice. As my relationship to my god source deepened, I realized I could channel Angel Guidance, spirits in the light, and deceased loved ones. In a way, my dad turned me on to a whole new passion and career.

 Training and Participation as a Psychic Medium

Gail was a regular member of a Spiritual Meditation group facilitated by Alina Shalev of Astra Healing, for over four years before the group folded.

She is a member of two advanced psychic and evidential mediumship development circles in Los Angeles. Each group is facilitated by professionals who are Evidential Spiritualist Psychic Mediums. One of the facilitators is her mentor.

Gail participated in an evidential mediumship class taught by Reverend Christine Dreher associated with Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association HGSA in Escondido, California.

She completed the Angel Intuitive, Mediumship Development and Certified Angel Card Reader courses taught by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine through Hay House Publishing. She is a Certified Angel Intuitive and Angel Card Reader.

Gail participated in an eight-week Mindfulness Meditation and Stress Reduction course taught by Catherine Baum based upon Jon Kabat-Zinn’s program at the University Of Massachusetts Medical Center, Center for Mindfulness. Baum studied with Jon directly.

She was in a healing workshop put on by Maryna Allan, the founder of Be The Change Energy Center, on the principals created by Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine. Maryna studied with Donna directly.

After a stringent two-year process, she was accepted as a featured Psychic Medium in Bob Olsen’s Best Psychic Directory.

Gail received a B.A. in Speech Communication from Fresno State University. In her traditional career, Gail is an executive recruiter and career coach.

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