My Story

I had a deep and profound experience through mediumship, which helped me to move past my own grief. My spiritual journey began the day my father took his life when I was in my late twenties. He checked himself into a motel room and shot himself, leaving us a note. This was premeditated by him although my family and I had no idea. My dad had severe financial problems and ended up making bad business decisions, which led to his taking his own life.

In an effort to hear from my dad in spirit (as I was always interested in life after death) I sought out a psychic medium who was referred to me by my close friend. The experience of talking to this psychic medium left a profound impact on me. She brought my dad through with evidence so, I knew she had reached him. Then the healing started to take place. He asked me for forgiveness and felt so bad that he hadn’t been the type of father I needed him to be, to protect me and teach me self-confidence. I felt the negative energy release from my back after only one session. I had never felt an energy release like that before.

 Training and Participation as a Psychic Medium

Regular member of a meditation group facilitated by Alina Shalev of Astra Healing, for over four years before the group folded

Advanced psychic and evidential mediumship development circle run by a professional (who wishes to remain anonymous) this person is an  Evidential Spiritualist Psychic Medium and was my mentor.

Evidential mediumship class taught by Reverend Christine Dreher associated with Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association HGSA in Escondido, California

Completed the Angel Intuitive, Mediumship Development and Certified Angel Card Reader courses taught by Doreen Virtue. I am a certified Angel Inuitive and Angel Card Reader.

Eight-week Mindfulness Meditation and Stress Reduction course taught by Catherine Baum based upon Jon Kabat-Zinn’s program at the University Of Massachusetts Medical Center, Center for Mindfulness. Baum studied with Jon directly

Healing workshop put on by Maryna Allan, the founder of Be The Change Energy Center, on the principals created by Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine. Maryna studied with Donna directly.

Currently, I am a regular participant in an evidential psychic mediumship development circle run by Ed Torres, Evidential Psychic Medium, who was trained by Hollister Rand

Received a B.A. in Speech Communication from Fresno State University. In my traditional career, I am an executive recruiter and career coach.

Love Yourself First.

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Spirit Removal or Ghost Busting

Yesterday I went with my good friend Ann Castle. Ann asked me to accompany her to her client's house where we removed a family of spirits who was trapped in the house since the 19th century. My friend's client moved back into the house after renting it out. The child...