Energetic Clearing Session


Rate is per person. 30 minute session.




Are you an empath, sensitive to the core, care about what everyone thinks about you? A clearing session might help you. I also get regular clearings myself. As energetic beings, it is important to clear the clutter or residue that no longer serves us.
How do you know you need a clearing? Are you in a bad mood for more than three days and it won’t go away? Are you losing patience with those you love? Is concentration difficult? The earth has been going through energetic shifts that are making us feel off balance. As a result, clutter builds up in your energy field including the chakras.

Allow me to help you with this. I am honored to channel the angel guidance, cut your cords and clear your energetic clutter. Imagine that the cords can be as thick as tree trunks and look like tree roots. Every time you think a negative thought you have attached a cord to your aura or energy body. If you have cords that need cutting then you will be out of alignment all over your body. It can affect you physically and emotionally.


My energetic clearing session with Gail was amazing. She has a gift and a wonderful way of explaining difficult topics in a loving way. I look forward to future sessions with her. Olivia H.