“You always connect me with helpful information, Gail. The last group of loved ones that came through on my
behalf brought heartwarming messages and it was a very special moment; not sure if you recall that day but I still do.
Thank you again!”

– Love, Diana G.

“Gail, thank you so much for the wonderful session. It was so interesting how big pieces of Angel Guidance came through for me, and it felt right on.  It was really helpful to hear practical day to day suggestions I can use to address the issues I am facing.  I could feel the closeness of spirit as we talked.  There was a warm and loving energy that flowed through which was very reassuring to me. “

XO Elizabeth Lee

“Thank you so much for your reading today! You were on target with everything you said. Thank you for connecting me with my deceased grandmother Nana. It’s so good to know she is with me now. You are a wonderful psychic medium and I really appreciate your insight.”  Love, Carolyn G.
“Gail, thank you so much for your insight today. It was of great help to know Joshua is ok.” Love, Sarah

“Thank you Gail, you have brought such comfort to me with your Angel Readings. You gave such a wonderful gift.” – Blessings, Elizabeth W

“I just want to say Gail- a big, big thank you for connecting with Noel. Very strong connection. Very grateful for it.” – Love, Alina C.
“Hi Gail, I like your message for today! Thank you for the wonderful reading this morning it was very accurate. You mentioned about the Fire and Water and that is something I’m working to balance in my life, even though I hadn’t mentioned it you knew. Your advice about when you are needing help with any question to write down your deepest desire of who, what, why, how and where I want the direction to go, is incredibly profound and helpful. I can’t thank you enough! Big hug to you!” Love, Carolyn G.
“Dear Gail- I wanted to thank you for our reading yesterday. Your clarity, practicality, and clear insight was refreshing and offered a valuable perspective to my question. I look forward to our next opportunity to connect.”
Many blessings and Satnam

“Gail Serna is a very gifted psychic medium. She has provided me with very accurate and helpful information on many occasions. What I most appreciate is the positive tone of her readings; they empower and encourage the recipient while providing helpful Angel Guidance.” – Taryn

“Thank you my wonderful friend and gifted psychic Gail Serna for the reading you did for me today. …I was blown away by all the information that came through. You confirmed so much for me…. you are truly incredible ….thank you so much?” – Raquel T.
“Thank you so much Gail, I’ve had a change in me & feel so much stronger to step away for a while….everything you said is spot on! He does need to do things for himself hopefully he’ll realize I’m doing it for the good & my love for him is a good thing xx.”- Hochi W.
“Gail – Thanks for taking some time to speak with me today. I greatly enjoyed our conversation and the opportunity to catch up. It was also very helpful to me in my job search. You are an excellent listener, analyst, strategist and very intuitive.” – Roth A.